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SolarWind brings together expertise, skills and knowledge in the renewable energy sector and is able to advise clients on renewable energy including solar and wind systems.

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Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Peak Shaving

Solar electricity is a wonderful concept. Take free power from the sun and use it to power electrical equipment.

Load Shifting

No ongoing electricity bills, no reliance on an electricity socket. ‘Free’ electricity that does not harm the planet.

Emergency Backup

Yet generating electricity from sunlight alone is a powerful resource with applications and benefits throughout the world.

Demand Response

The provision of sustainable energy supplies for expanding & increasingly productive world is one of the major issues facing civilization today.


The analysis considers emissions and energy security, as political and economic pressures move society towards a low-carbon future.

Capacity Reserve

Where does the energy we use come from? It’s absolutely vital to every single thing we do every day, but for most people, it is utterly invisible.


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